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Subdomain Description


A subdomain is a domain of a higher level in the DNS hierarchy. For example, cloud.dnspod.com and www.dnspod.com are two subdomains of dnspod.com, and dnspod.com is a subdomain of the top-level domain .com.

Subdomain levels description

When you add DNS resolution, you can use a subdomain to add records. The host can contain a–z, A–Z, 0–9, and dashes (-) to indicate the domain levels of the current plan. The total length of the host cannot exceed 100 characters, and each level cannot exceed 50 characters. The domain levels represent the number of domain levels that can be entered in the host, and the levels are separated by dots (.).
For example, www.dnspod.com is 1 level, m.www.dnspod.com is 2 levels, and so on.
The following uses the "Free plan" as an example to set a record where the subdomain levels is 2:

Subdomain levels corresponding to plans

Plan Subdomain Levels
Free 3
Individual Professional 5
Enterprise Basic 8
Enterprise Standard 10
Enterprise Ultimate 12


  • When entering a host, you can use the wildcard * to match all subdomains. For more information, please see Wildcard Description.
  • If you need to use more subdomain levels, you can upgrade your plan. For more information, please see Upgrading Plan.


For more information on how to verify whether a record has taken effect, please see:

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