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Split Zones

Use Cases

Generally, only IP records are resolved and returned to users without assessing their sources in conventional DNS services. This leads to fixed IPs for all users. Intelligent DNS service solves this problem by assessing user sources and providing them intelligently processed IPs. For example, the system first determines the split zone (China Unicom or China Telecom) of users and then provides them with the corresponding server IPs. The split zone list and split zones supported by different plans are as follows.

Basic Split Zones

Applicable to Professional, Enterprise, and Premium DNS plans

Default China Telecom China Unicom China Mobile CERNET BC & TV Network Tietong Chinese mainland Outside Chinese mainland

Search Engines

Applicable to Professional, Enterprise, and Premium DNS plans

Baidu Google Youdao Bing Sougou Qihoo Search engine

Cloud Service Providers

Applicable to Professional, Enterprise, and Premium DNS plans

Tencent Cloud Alibaba Cloud Huawei Cloud Baidu AI Cloud JD Cloud Kingsoft Cloud
Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Microsoft Azure UCloud Qing Cloud NetEase Cloud
VNET ChinaCache Meituan Cloud Volcano Engine

Regions in Chinese Mainland

Applicable to Professional, Enterprise, and Premium DNS plans

North China (Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia)
Northeast China (Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang)
East China (Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangxi)
Central China (Hunan, Hubei, Henan)
South China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan)
Southwest China (Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet, Chongqing)
Northwest China (Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Gansu)
Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan


Applicable to Professional, Enterprise, and Premium DNS plans

North America Oceania Africa Antarctica South America Europe Asia

Level-2 ISPs

Applicable to Professional, Enterprise, and Premium DNS plans

< th>Topway Video</ th>

CSTNET Great Wall Broadband Network Founder Broadband Zhujiang Digital Beijing Teletron
WASU Broadband Eastern Fibernet CNISP CITIC WEXCHANGE Lianfk Broadband

Provinces in China

Applicable to Enterprise and Premium DNS plans

Beijing Tianjin Shanghai Guangdong Sichuan Chongqing
Zhejiang Shandong Jiangsu Liaoning Hebei Henan
Hubei Hunan Fujian Jiangxi Anhui Shanxi
Shaanxi Heilongjiang Jilin Guangxi Yunnan Inner Mongolia
Xinjiang Guizhou Gansu Hainan Ningxia Qinghai
Tibet Hong Kong (China) Macao (China) Taiwan (China)

Provincial ISPs

Applicable to Enterprise and Premium DNS plans

Beijing Telecom Tianjin Telecom Shanghai Telecom Guangdong Telecom Sichuan Telecom Chongqing Telecom
Zhejiang Telecom Shandong Telecom Jiangsu Telecom Liaoning Telecom Hebei Telecom Henan Telecom
Hubei Telecom Hunan Telecom Fujian Telecom Jiangxi Telecom Anhui Telecom Shanxi Telecom
Shaanxi Telecom Heilongjiang Telecom Jilin Telecom Guangxi Telecom Yunnan Telecom Inner Mongolia Telecom
Xinjiang Telecom Guizhou Telecom Gansu Telecom Hainan Telecom Ningxia Telecom Qinghai Telecom
Tibet Telecom
Beijing Mobile Tianjin Mobile Shanghai Mobile Guangdong Mobile Sichuan Mobile Chongqing Mobile
Zhejiang Mobile Shandong Mobile Jiangsu Mobile Liaoning Mobile Hebei Mobile Henan Mobile
Hubei Mobile Hunan Mobile Fujian Mobile Jiangxi Mobile Anhui Mobile Shanxi Mobile
Shaanxi Mobile Heilongjiang Mobile Jilin Mobile Guangxi Mobile Yunnan Mobile Inner Mongolia Mobile
Xinjiang Mobile Guizhou Mobile Gansu Mobile Hainan Mobile Ningxia Mobile Qinghai Mobile
Tibet Mobile
Beijing Unicom Tianjin Unicom Shanghai Unicom Guangdong Unicom Sichuan Unicom Chongqing Unicom
Zhejiang Unicom Shandong Unicom Jiangsu Unicom Liaoning Unicom Hebei Unicom Henan Unicom
Hubei Unicom Hunan Unicom Fujian Unicom Jiangxi Unicom Anhui Unicom Shanxi Unicom
Shaanxi Unicom Heilongjiang Unicom Jilin Unicom Guangxi Unicom Yunnan Unicom Inner Mongolia Unicom
Xinjiang Unicom Guizhou Unicom Gansu Unicom Hainan Unicom Ningxia Unicom Qinghai Unicom
Tibet Unicom
Beijing Tietong Tianjin Tietong Shanghai Tietong Guangdong Tietong Sichuan Tietong Chongqing Tietong
Zhejiang Tietong Shandong Tietong Jiangsu Tietong Liaoning Tietong Hebei Tietong Henan Tietong
Hubei Tietong Hunan Tietong Fujian Tietong Jiangxi Tietong Anhui Tietong Shanxi Tietong
Shaanxi Tietong Heilongjiang Tietong Jilin Tietong Guangxi Tietong Yunnan Tietong Inner Mongolia Tietong
Xinjiang Tietong Guizhou Tietong Gansu Tietong Hainan Tietong Ningxia Tietong Qinghai Tietong
Tibet Tietong
Beijing CERNET Tianjin CERNET Shanghai CERNET Guangdong CERNET Sichuan CERNET Chongqing CERNET
Zhejiang CERNET Shandong CERNET Jiangsu CERNET Liaoning CERNET Hebei CERNET Henan CERNET
Shaanxi CERNET Heilongjiang CERNET Jilin CERNET Guangxi CERNET Yunnan CERNET Inner Mongolia CERNET
Xinjiang CERNET Guizhou CERNET Gansu CERNET Hainan CERNET Ningxia CERNET Qinghai CERNET

Provincial Cloud Service Providers

Applicable to Enterprise and Premium DNS plans

Beijing Tencent Cloud Tianjin Tencent Cloud Shanghai Tencent Cloud Guangdong Tencent Cloud Sichuan Tencent Cloud Chongqing Tencent Cloud
Zhejiang Tencent Cloud Shandong Tencent Cloud Jiangsu Tencent Cloud Liaoning Tencent Cloud Hebei Tencent Cloud Henan Tencent Cloud
Hubei Tencent Cloud Hunan Tencent Cloud Fujian Tencent Cloud Jiangxi Tencent Cloud Anhui Tencent Cloud Shanxi Tencent Cloud
Shaanxi Tencent Cloud Heilongjiang Tencent Cloud Jilin Tencent Cloud Guangxi Tencent Cloud Yunnan Tencent Cloud Inner Mongolia Tencent Cloud
Xinjiang Tencent Cloud Guizhou Tencent Cloud Gansu Tencent Cloud Hainan Tencent Cloud Ningxia Tencent Cloud Qinghai Tencent Cloud
Tibet Tencent Cloud
Beijing Alibaba Cloud Tianjin Alibaba Cloud Shanghai Alibaba Cloud Guangdong Alibaba Cloud Sichuan Alibaba Cloud Chongqing Alibaba Cloud
Zhejiang Alibaba Cloud Shandong Alibaba Cloud Jiangsu Alibaba Cloud Liaoning Alibaba Cloud Hebei Alibaba Cloud Henan Alibaba Cloud
Hubei Alibaba Cloud Hunan Alibaba Cloud Fujian Alibaba Cloud Jiangxi Alibaba Cloud Anhui Alibaba Cloud Shanxi Alibaba Cloud
Shaanxi Alibaba Cloud Heilongjiang Alibaba Cloud Jilin Alibaba Cloud Guangxi Alibaba Cloud Yunnan Alibaba Cloud Inner Mongolia Alibaba Cloud
Xinjiang Alibaba Cloud Guizhou Alibaba Cloud Gansu Alibaba Cloud Hainan Alibaba Cloud Ningxia Alibaba Cloud Qinghai Alibaba Cloud
Tibet Alibaba Cloud
Beijing Huawei Cloud Tianjin Huawei Cloud Shanghai Huawei Cloud Guangdong Huawei Cloud Sichuan Huawei Cloud Chongqing Huawei Cloud
Zhejiang Huawei Cloud Shandong Huawei Cloud Jiangsu Huawei Cloud Liaoning Huawei Cloud Hebei Huawei Cloud Henan Huawei Cloud
Hubei Huawei Cloud Hunan Huawei Cloud Fujian Huawei Cloud Jiangxi Huawei Cloud Anhui Huawei Cloud Shanxi Huawei Cloud
Shaanxi Huawei Cloud Heilongjiang Huawei Cloud Jilin Huawei Cloud Guangxi Huawei Cloud Yunnan Huawei Cloud Inner Mongolia Huawei Cloud
Xinjiang Huawei Cloud Guizhou Huawei Cloud Gansu Huawei Cloud Hainan Huawei Cloud Ningxia Huawei Cloud Qinghai Huawei Cloud
Tibet Huawei Cloud
Beijing Baidu AI Cloud Tianjin Baidu AI Cloud Shanghai Baidu AI Cloud Guangdong Baidu AI Cloud Sichuan Baidu AI Cloud Chongqing Baidu AI Cloud
Zhejiang Baidu AI Cloud Shandong Baidu AI Cloud Jiangsu Baidu AI Cloud Liaoning Baidu AI Cloud Hebei Baidu AI Cloud Henan Baidu AI Cloud
Hubei Baidu AI Cloud Hunan Baidu AI Cloud Fujian Baidu AI Cloud Jiangxi Baidu AI Cloud Anhui Baidu AI Cloud Shanxi Baidu AI Cloud
Shaanxi Baidu AI Cloud Heilongjiang Baidu AI Cloud Jilin Baidu AI Cloud Guangxi Baidu AI Cloud Yunnan Baidu AI Cloud Inner Mongolia Baidu AI Cloud
Xinjiang Baidu AI Cloud Guizhou Baidu AI Cloud Gansu Baidu AI Cloud Hainan Baidu AI Cloud Ningxia Baidu AI Cloud Qinghai Baidu AI Cloud
Tibet Baidu AI Cloud
Beijing JD Cloud Tianjin JD Cloud Shanghai JD Cloud Guangdong JD Cloud Sichuan JD Cloud Chongqing JD Cloud
Zhejiang JD Cloud Shandong JD Cloud Jiangsu JD Cloud Liaoning JD Cloud Hebei JD Cloud Henan JD Cloud
Hubei JD Cloud Hunan JD Cloud Fujian JD Cloud Jiangxi JD Cloud Anhui JD Cloud Shanxi JD Cloud
Shaanxi JD Cloud Heilongjiang JD Cloud Jilin JD Cloud Guangxi JD Cloud Nanjing JD Cloud Inner Mongolia JD Cloud
Xinjiang JD Cloud Guizhou JD Cloud Gansu JD Cloud Hainan JD Cloud Ningxia JD Cloud Qinghai JD Cloud
Tibet JD Cloud
Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Tianjin Kingsoft Cloud Shanghai Kingsoft Cloud Guangdong Kingsoft Cloud Sichuan Kingsoft Cloud Chongqing Kingsoft Cloud
Zhejiang Kingsoft Cloud Shandong Kingsoft Cloud Jiangsu Kingsoft Cloud Liaoning Kingsoft Cloud Hebei Kingsoft Cloud Henan Kingsoft Cloud
Hubei Kingsoft Cloud Hunan Kingsoft Cloud Fujian Kingsoft Cloud Jiangxi Kingsoft Cloud Anhui Kingsoft Cloud Shanxi Kingsoft Cloud
Shaanxi Kingsoft Cloud Heilongjiang Kingsoft Cloud Jilin Kingsoft Cloud Guangxi Kingsoft Cloud Yunnan Kingsoft Cloud Inner Mongolia Kingsoft Cloud
Xinjiang Kingsoft Cloud Guizhou Kingsoft Cloud Gansu Kingsoft Cloud Hainan Kingsoft Cloud Ningxia Kingsoft Cloud Qinghai Kingsoft Cloud
Tibet Kingsoft Cloud
Beijing UCloud Tianjin UCloud Shanghai UCloud Guangdong UCloud Sichuan UCloud Chongqing UCloud
Zhejiang UCloud Shandong UCloud Jiangsu UCloud Liaoning UCloud Hebei UCloud Henan UCloud
Hubei UCloud Hunan UCloud Fujian UCloud Jiangxi UCloud Anhui UCloud Shanxi UCloud
Shaanxi UCloud Heilongjiang UCloud Jilin UCloud Guangxi UCloud Yunnan UCloud Inner Mongolia UCloud
Xinjiang UCloud Guizhou UCloud Gansu UCloud Hainan UCloud Ningxia UCloud Qinghai UCloud
Tibet UCloud
Beijing Qing Cloud Tianjin Qing Cloud Shanghai Qing Cloud Guangdong Qing Cloud Sichuan Qing Cloud Chongqing Qing Cloud
Zhejiang Qing Cloud Shandong Qing Cloud Jiangsu Qing Cloud Liaoning Qing Cloud Hebei Qing Cloud Henan Qing Cloud
Hubei Qing Cloud Hunan Qing Cloud Fujian Qing Cloud Jiangxi Qing Cloud Anhui Qing Cloud Shanxi Qing Cloud
Shaanxi Qing Cloud Heilongjiang Qing Cloud Jilin Qing Cloud Guangxi Qing Cloud Yunnan Qing Cloud Inner Mongolia Qing Cloud
Xinjiang Qing Cloud Guizhou Qing Cloud Gansu Qing Cloud Hainan Qing Cloud Ningxia Qing Cloud Qinghai Qing Cloud
Tibet Qing Cloud
Beijing Amazon Web Services Tianjin Amazon Web Services Shanghai Amazon Web Services Guangdong Amazon Web Services Sichuan Amazon Web Services Chongqing Amazon Web Services
Zhejiang Amazon Web Services Shandong Amazon Web Services Jiangsu Amazon Web Services Liaoning Amazon Web Services Hebei Amazon Web Services Henan Amazon Web Services
Hubei Amazon Web Services Hunan Amazon Web Services Fujian Amazon Web Services Jiangxi Amazon Web Services Anhui Amazon Web Services Shanxi Amazon Web Services
Shaanxi Amazon Web Services Heilongjiang Amazon Web Services Jilin Amazon Web Services Guangxi Amazon Web Services Yunnan Amazon Web Services Inner Mongolia Amazon Web Services
Xinjiang Amazon Web Services Guizhou Amazon Web Services Gansu Amazon Web Services Hainan Amazon Web Services Ningxia Amazon Web Services Qinghai Amazon Web Services
Tibet Amazon Web Services
Beijing NetEase Cloud Tianjin NetEase Cloud Shanghai NetEase Cloud Guangdong NetEase Cloud Sichuan NetEase Cloud Chongqing NetEase Cloud
Zhejiang NetEase Cloud Shandong NetEase Cloud Jiangsu NetEase Cloud Liaoning NetEase Cloud Hebei NetEase Cloud Henan NetEase Cloud
Hubei NetEase Cloud Hunan NetEase Cloud Fujian NetEase Cloud Jiangxi NetEase Cloud Anhui NetEase Cloud Shanxi NetEase Cloud
Shaanxi NetEase Cloud Heilongjiang NetEase Cloud Jilin NetEase Cloud Guangxi NetEase Cloud Yunnan NetEase Cloud Inner Mongolia NetEase Cloud
Xinjiang NetEase Cloud Guizhou NetEase Cloud Gansu NetEase Cloud Hainan NetEase Cloud Ningxia NetEase Cloud Qinghai NetEase Cloud
Tibet NetEase Cloud
Beijing Microsoft Azure Tianjin Microsoft Azure Shanghai Microsoft Azure Guangdong Microsoft Azure Sichuan Microsoft Azure Chongqing Microsoft Azure
Zhejiang Microsoft Azure Shandong Microsoft Azure Jiangsu Microsoft Azure Liaoning Microsoft Azure Hebei Microsoft Azure Henan Microsoft Azure
Hubei Microsoft Azure Hunan Microsoft Azure Fujian Microsoft Azure Jiangxi Microsoft Azure Anhui Microsoft Azure Shanxi Microsoft Azure
Shaanxi Microsoft Azure Heilongjiang Microsoft Azure Jilin Microsoft Azure Guangxi Microsoft Azure Yunnan Microsoft Azure Inner Mongolia Microsoft Azure
Xinjiang Microsoft Azure Guizhou Microsoft Azure Gansu Microsoft Azure Hainan Microsoft Azure Ningxia Microsoft Azure Qinghai Microsoft Azure
Tibet Microsoft Azure
Beijing Google Cloud Tianjin Google Cloud Shanghai Google Cloud Guangdong Google Cloud Sichuan Google Cloud Chongqing Google Cloud
Zhejiang Google Cloud Shandong Google Cloud Jiangsu Google Cloud Liaoning Google Cloud Hebei Google Cloud Henan Google Cloud
Hubei Google Cloud Hunan Google Cloud Fujian Google Cloud Jiangxi Google Cloud Anhui Google Cloud Shanxi Google Cloud
Shaanxi Google Cloud Heilongjiang Google Cloud Jilin Google Cloud Guangxi Google Cloud Yunnan Google Cloud Inner Mongolia Google Cloud
Xinjiang Google Cloud Guizhou Google Cloud Gansu Google Cloud Hainan Google Cloud Ningxia Google Cloud Qinghai Google Cloud
Tibet Google Cloud
Beijing ChinaCache Tianjin ChinaCache Shanghai ChinaCache Guangdong ChinaCache Sichuan ChinaCache Chongqing ChinaCache
Zhejiang ChinaCache Shandong ChinaCache Jiangsu ChinaCache Liaoning ChinaCache Hebei ChinaCache Henan ChinaCache
Hubei ChinaCache Hunan ChinaCache Fujian ChinaCache Jiangxi ChinaCache Anhui ChinaCache Shanxi ChinaCache
Shaanxi ChinaCache Heilongjiang ChinaCache Jilin ChinaCache Guangxi ChinaCache Yunnan ChinaCache Inner Mongolia ChinaCache
Xinjiang ChinaCache Guizhou ChinaCache Gansu ChinaCache Hainan ChinaCache Ningxia ChinaCache Qinghai ChinaCache
Tibet ChinaCache
Beijing VNET Tianjin VNET Shanghai VNET Guangdong VNET Sichuan VNET Chongqing VNET
Zhejiang VNET Shandong VNET Jiangsu VNET Liaoning VNET Hebei VNET Henan VNET
Hubei VNET Hunan VNET Fujian VNET Jiangxi VNET Anhui VNET Shanxi VNET
Shaanxi VNET Heilongjiang VNET Jilin VNET Guangxi VNET Yunnan VNET Inner Mongolia VNET
Xinjiang VNET Guizhou VNET Gansu VNET Hainan VNET Ningxia VNET Qinghai VNET
Tibet VNET
Beijing Meituan Cloud Tianjin Meituan Cloud Shanghai Meituan Cloud Guangdong Meituan Cloud Sichuan Meituan Cloud Chongqing Meituan Cloud
Zhejiang Meituan Cloud Shandong Meituan Cloud Jiangsu Meituan Cloud Liaoning Meituan Cloud Hebei Meituan Cloud Henan Meituan Cloud
Hubei Meituan Cloud Hunan Meituan Cloud Fujian Meituan Cloud Jiangxi Meituan Cloud Anhui Meituan Cloud Shanxi Meituan Cloud
Shaanxi Meituan Cloud Heilongjiang Meituan Cloud Jilin Meituan Cloud Guangxi Meituan Cloud Yunnan Meituan Cloud Inner Mongolia Meituan Cloud
Xinjiang Meituan Cloud Guizhou Meituan Cloud Gansu Meituan Cloud Hainan Meituan Cloud Ningxia Meituan Cloud Qinghai Meituan Cloud
Tibet Meituan Cloud
Beijing Volcano Engine Tianjin Volcano Engine Shanghai Volcano Engine Guangdong Volcano Engine Sichuan Volcano Engine Chongqing Volcano Engine
Zhejiang Volcano Engine Shandong Volcano Engine Jiangsu Volcano Engine Liaoning Volcano Engine Hebei Volcano Engine Henan Volcano Engine
Hubei Volcano Engine Hunan Volcano Engine Fujian Volcano Engine Jiangxi Volcano Engine Anhui Volcano Engine Shanxi Volcano Engine
Shaanxi Volcano Engine Heilongjiang Volcano Engine Jilin Volcano Engine Guangxi Volcano Engine Yunnan Volcano Engine Inner Mongolia Volcano Engine
Xinjiang Volcano Engine Guizhou Volcano Engine Gansu Volcano Engine Hainan Volcano Engine Ningxia Volcano Engine Qinghai Volcano Engine
Tibet Volcano Engine

Regional ISPs

Applicable to Enterprise and Premium DNS plans

North China Telecom North China Unicom North China Mobile Northeast China Telecom Northeast China Unicom Northeast China Mobile
East China Telecom East China Unicom East China Mobile Central China Telecom Central China Unicom Central China Mobile
South China Telecom South China Unicom South China Mobile Southwest China Telecom Southwest China Unicom Southwest China Mobile
Northwest China Telecom Northwest China Unicom Northwest China Mobile
South China CERNET North China CERNET East China CERNET Central China CERNET Northeast China CERNET Southwest China CERNET
Northwest China CERNET

Geographic Subregions

Applicable to Enterprise and Premium DNS plans

East Africa Southern Africa West Africa North Africa Middle Africa
East Asia Southeast Asia South Asia West Asia Central Asia
Eastern Europe Southern Europe Western Europe Northern Europe
North America Central America South America Caribbean
Australia and New Zealand Melanesia Micronesia Polynesia


Applicable to Enterprise and Premium DNS plans

Andorra UAE Afghanistan Antigua and Barbuda Anguilla Albania
Armenia Netherlands Antilles Angola Argentina American Samoa Austria
Australia Aruba Åland Islands Azerbaijan Bosnia and Herzegovina Barbados
Bangladesh Belgium Burkina Faso Bulgaria Bahrain Burundi
Benin Saint Barthélemy Bermuda Brunei Bolivia Dutch Caribbean
Brazil Bahamas Bhutan Bouvet Island Botswana Belarus
Belize Canada Cocos Islands Democratic Republic of the Congo Central African Republic Republic of the Congo
Switzerland Ivory Coast Cook Islands Chile Cameroon China
Colombia Costa Rica Slovakia Cuba Cape Verde Curaçao
Christmas Island Cyprus Czech Germany Djibouti Denmark
The Dominican Republic The Commonwealth of Dominica Algeria Ecuador Estonia Egypt
Western Sahara Eritrea Spain Ethiopia Finland Fiji
Falkland Islands Micronesia Faroe Islands France Gabon United Kingdom
Grenada Georgia French Guiana Guernsey Ghana Gibraltar
Greenland Gambia Guinea Guadeloupe Equatorial Guinea Greece
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Guatemala Guam Guinea-Bissau Guyana Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Honduras Croatia Haiti Hungary Indonesia Ireland
Israel Isle of Man India British Indian Ocean Territory Iraq Iran
Iceland Italy Bailiwick of Jersey Jamaica Jordan Japan
Kenya Kyrgyzstan Cambodia Kiribati Comoros Saint Kitts and Nevis
North Korea South Korea Kuwait Cayman Islands Kazakhstan Laos
Lebanon Saint Lucia Liechtenstein Sri Lanka Liberia Lesotho
Lithuania Luxembourg Latvia Libya Morocco Monaco
Moldova Montenegro Saint Martin Madagascar Marshall Islands Macedonia
Mali Myanmar Mongolia Northern Mariana Islands Martinique Mauritania
Montserrat Malta Mauritius Maldives Malawi Mexico
Malaysia Mozambique Namibia New Caledonia Niger Norfolk Island
Nigeria Nicaragua Netherlands Norway Nepal Nauru
Niue New Zealand Oman Panama Peru French Polynesia
Papua New Guinea The Philippines Pakistan Poland Saint Pierre and Miquelon Pitcairn Islands
Puerto Rico Palestine Portugal Palau Paraguay Qatar
Reunion Romania Serbia Russia Rwanda Saudi Arabia
Solomon Islands Seychelles Sudan Sweden Singapore Saint Helena
Slovenia Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Slovakia Sierra Leone San Marino Senegal
Somalia Suriname South Sudan Sao Tome and Principe El Salvador Sint Maarten
Syria Swaziland Turks and Caicos Islands Chad French Southern and Antarctic Territories Togo
Thailand Tajikistan Tokelau East Timor Turkmenistan Tunisia
Tonga Turkey Trinidad and Tobago Tuvalu Tanzania Ukraine
Uganda U.S. Minor Outlying Islands United States Uruguay Uzbekistan Vatican
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Venezuela British Virgin Islands U.S. Virgin Islands Vietnam Vanuatu
Wallis and Futuna Islands Samoa Yemen Mayotte South Africa Zambia
Zimbabwe Kosovo

U.S. States

Applicable to Enterprise and Premium DNS plans

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming Washington, D.C.

States of India

Applicable to Enterprise and Premium DNS plans

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Andhra Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh Assam Bihar Chhattisgarh
Chandigarh Dadra and Nagar Haveli Daman and Diu Delhi Goa Gujarat
Haryana Himachal Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir Jharkhand Karnataka Kerala
Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Manipur Meghalaya Mizoram Nagaland
Odisha Puducherry Punjab Rajasthan Sikkim Tamil Nadu
Telangana Tripura Uttarakhand Uttar Pradesh West Bengal

Other Countries and Regions

Applicable to Enterprise and Premium DNS plans

Zaporozhye Kherson

Provincial Level-2 ISPs

Applicable to Premium DNS plan

Beijing BC & TV Network Guangdong BC & TV Network Tianjin BC & TV Network Shanghai BC & TV Network Sichuan BC & TV Network Zhejiang BC & TV Network
Shandong BC & TV Network Jiangsu BC & TV Network Liaoning BC & TV Network Hebei BC & TV Network Henan BC & TV Network Hubei BC & TV Network
Hunan BC & TV Network Fujian BC & TV Network Shaanxi BC & TV Network Chongqing BC & TV Network Jiangxi BC & TV Network Anhui BC & TV Network
Shanxi BC & TV Network Heilongjiang BC & TV Network Jilin BC & TV Network Guangxi BC & TV Network Yunnan BC & TV Network Inner Mongolia BC & TV Network
Xinjiang BC & TV Network Guizhou BC & TV Network Gansu BC & TV Network Hainan BC & TV Network Ningxia BC & TV Network Qinghai BC & TV Network
Tibet BC & TV Network
Beijing CSTNET Tianjin CSTNET Shanghai CSTNET Guangdong CSTNET Sichuan CSTNET Chongqing CSTNET
Zhejiang CSTNET Shandong CSTNET Jiangsu CSTNET Liaoning CSTNET Hebei CSTNET Henan CSTNET
Shaanxi CSTNET Heilongjiang CSTNET Jilin CSTNET Guangxi CSTNET Yunnan CSTNET Inner Mongolia CSTNET
Xinjiang CSTNET Guizhou CSTNET Gansu CSTNET Hainan CSTNET Ningxia CSTNET Qinghai CSTNET
Beijing Great Wall Broadband Network Tianjin Great Wall Broadband Network Shanghai Great Wall Broadband Network Guangdong Great Wall Broadband Network Sichuan Great Wall Broadband Network Chongqing Great Wall Broadband Network
Zhejiang Great Wall Broadband Network Shandong Great Wall Broadband Network Jiangsu Great Wall Broadband Network Liaoning Great Wall Broadband Network Hebei Great Wall Broadband Network Henan Great Wall Broadband Network
Hubei Great Wall Broadband Network Hunan Great Wall Broadband Network Fujian Great Wall Broadband Network Jiangxi Great Wall Broadband Network Anhui Great Wall Broadband Network Shanxi Great Wall Broadband Network
Shaanxi Great Wall Broadband Network Heilongjiang Great Wall Broadband Network Jilin Great Wall Broadband Network Guangxi Great Wall Broadband Network Yunnan Great Wall Broadband Network Inner Mongolia Great Wall Broadband Network
Xinjiang Great Wall Broadband Network Guizhou Great Wall Broadband Network Gansu Great Wall Broadband Network Hainan Great Wall Broadband Network Ningxia Great Wall Broadband Network Qinghai Great Wall Broadband Network
Tibet Great Wall Broadband Network
Beijing CNISP Tianjin CNISP Shanghai CNISP Guangdong CNISP Sichuan CNISP Chongqing CNISP
Zhejiang CNISP Shandong CNISP Jiangsu CNISP Liaoning CNISP Hebei CNISP Henan CNISP
Hubei CNISP Hunan CNISP Fujian CNISP Jiangxi CNISP Anhui CNISP Shanxi CNISP
Shaanxi CNISP Heilongjiang CNISP Jilin CNISP Guangxi CNISP Yunnan CNISP Inner Mongolia CNISP
Xinjiang CNISP Guizhou CNISP Gansu CNISP Hainan CNISP Ningxia CNISP Qinghai CNISP
Beijing CITIC Tianjin CITIC Shanghai CITIC Guangdong CITIC Sichuan CITIC Chongqing CITIC
Zhejiang CITIC Shandong CITIC Jiangsu CITIC Liaoning CITIC Hebei CITIC Henan CITIC
Hubei CITIC Hunan CITIC Fujian CITIC Jiangxi CITIC Anhui CITIC Shanxi CITIC
Shaanxi CITIC Heilongjiang CITIC Jilin CITIC Guangxi CITIC Yunnan CITIC Inner Mongolia CITIC
Xinjiang CITIC Guizhou CITIC Gansu CITIC Hainan CITIC Ningxia CITIC Qinghai CITIC
Beijing Founder Broadband Tianjin Founder Broadband Shanghai Founder Broadband Guangdong Founder Broadband Sichuan Founder Broadband Chongqing Founder Broadband
Zhejiang Founder Broadband Shandong Founder Broadband Jiangsu Founder Broadband Liaoning Founder Broadband Hebei Founder Broadband Henan Founder Broadband
Hubei Founder Broadband Hunan Founder Broadband Fujian Founder Broadband Jiangxi Founder Broadband Anhui Founder Broadband Shanxi Founder Broadband
Shaanxi Founder Broadband Heilongjiang Founder Broadband Jilin Founder Broadband Guangxi Founder Broadband Yunnan Founder Broadband Inner Mongolia Founder Broadband
Xinjiang Founder Broadband Guizhou Founder Broadband Gansu Founder Broadband Hainan Founder Broadband Ningxia Founder Broadband Qinghai Founder Broadband
Tibet Founder Broadband
Beijing Neteast Technologies Tianjin Neteast Technologies Shanghai Neteast Technologies Guangdong Neteast Technologies Sichuan Neteast Technologies Chongqing Neteast Technologies
Zhejiang Neteast Technologies Shandong Neteast Technologies Jiangsu Neteast Technologies Liaoning Neteast Technologies Hebei Neteast Technologies Henan Neteast Technologies
Hubei Neteast Technologies Hunan Neteast Technologies Fujian Neteast Technologies Jiangxi Neteast Technologies Anhui Neteast Technologies Shanxi Neteast Technologies
Shaanxi Neteast Technologies Heilongjiang Neteast Technologies Jilin Neteast Technologies Guangxi Neteast Technologies Yunnan Neteast Technologies Inner Mongolia Neteast Technologies
Xinjiang Neteast Technologies Guizhou Neteast Technologies Gansu Neteast Technologies Hainan Neteast Technologies Ningxia Neteast Technologies Qinghai Neteast Technologies
Tibet Neteast Technologies
Guangdong Lianfk Broadband Hubei Lianfk Broadband
Beijing Teletron

Note: The above information is applicable to available plans. For earlier plans such as Individual Plus, Enterprise Basic, Enterprise I, Enterprise II, and Enterprise III, the actual information applies.

Instructions for Regional or ISP Split Zones

If you set the resolution result of www.dnspod.cn to for the default split zone, for Guangdong split zone, and for Guangdong Telecom split zone, will be returned to Telecom users in Guangdong, to non-Telecom users in Guangdong, and to users outside of Guangdong.
In this case, if the resolution of requests is suspended for the Guangdong Telecom split zone or Guangdong split zone, the resolution of requests from other regions is not affected, and will be returned to all users. Therefore, regardless of regional or ISP split zones, it is required to set the resolution result of the default split zone first.

Instructions for Search Engine Split Zones

You can set the spiders of Baidu, Google, and other search engines to get different IPs. For example, if you set the resolution result of www.dnspod.cn to for the default split zone, for Baidu split zone, and for Sougou split zone, will be returned to Sougou users, to Baidu users, and to users who directly visit www.dnspod.cn.

Note: The search engine split zone represents a set for Baidu, Google, and other search engines.

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