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DNS Resolution Failure

My domain is in serverHold status and the registrar has suspended the resolution. What should I do?

You can try the following solutions:

  • If your domain name is newly registered, you can find its details by visiting WHOIS. If the Domain Status is "pendingVerification" as shown below, your domain name is pending verification by the registrar. The domain verification process typically takes about 3–7 business days. Please wait patiently.
  • If your domain name is not newly registered:
    Please check whether you have completed identity verification for it, and if not, this issue may occur. After identity verification is completed, DNS will work properly.
  • If your domain is pending identity verification, which takes 3–7 business days, please wait patiently.
  • If identity verification has been completed for your domain, we recommend you contact your domain registrar for assistance to identify the cause. If your domain is registered with DNSPod or Tencent Cloud, please submit a ticket for technical support.

Why does a monitor reports that my domain cannot be resolved?

Third-party monitoring is different from the normal DNS resolution process.
Normal DNS resolution process:

  1. A regular local DNS server will send requests to multiple NS server addresses simultaneously and take the value that is returned most fast (every NS address in DNSPod contains at least 3 servers, and each plan contains 2 NS addresses, so there are more than 5 servers in total. As long as one server returns a value, it indicates that DNS works properly).
  2. Multiple retries (usually 3) will be performed when a connection error occurs.

Third-party monitoring process:

  1. Only one of the NS server addresses is captured for sending a request, and other addresses are not tested;
  2. No or only one retry is performed in case an error occurs.
    Although the monitor keeps reporting errors, the IP can be properly resolved.

After a dot is automatically added after my domain in a CNAME record, DNS does not work. Why?

When you add a CNAME record, the value is the domain pointed to by CNAME. Only a domain can be entered. After the record is generated, a "." will be automatically added after the domain, which is normal and will not affect DNS. Please check whether other parts are correctly entered or configured. For more information, please see CNAME Records.

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