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Adding Record

To make IPs easier to remember, they are generally resolved to corresponding domain names, at which websites can be visited more conveniently. You can add a record in the following steps:

Step 1. Add a record

  1. Log in to the DNSPod Console.
  2. In "My Domains", you can view all the added domain names.

Domain names registered in Tencent Cloud are added to "My Domains" by default.
If the domain name for which you want to add a record is not registered in Tencent Cloud, please click Add Domain and enter the domain name that needs to be resolved as needed in the expanded window.

  1. In "My Domains", click the target domain.
  2. In the "Record Management" tab, click Add Records.

If you need to resolve the domain name to your host IP address, you can do the following:

Operation Method Content Note
Add a record Host: enter the domain prefix, such as "www".
Type: select "A".
Split Zone: select the "Default" type.
Value: enter your host IP address (public IP).
Weight: enter an integer between 0 and 100.
MX: leave it empty.
TTL: it is 600s by default.
For example, when adding a record for www.dnspod.com, you can simply select "www" in the "Host" field. If you want to add a record for dnspod.com, select "@" in the "Host" field.

Step 2. Modify the DNS address

For more information, please see Modifying DNS Server.

Step 3. Wait for the change to take effect

After finishing the first two steps, wait patiently.


  • DNS server changes will take effect globally in 0–72 hours; therefore, if you find that the record doesn't take effect in some regions, but the change was made less than 72 hours ago, please just wait patiently.
    Newly added records can take effect immediately. You can delete records and add them again to make them take effect more quickly.
  • For more information on how to verify whether a record has taken effect, please see DNS Resolution Effect.
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