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DNSPod Global API Upgrade Instructions

DNSPod Global (www.dnspod.com) is scheduled to undergo an upgrade on November 13, 2020. During the upgrade, the console and APIs may be unavailable. However, existing domain names and DNS service will not be affected.

DNSPod Global APIs will be upgraded at the same time. Please view the API documentations for more information.

The call methods and request parameters of the following APIs remain unchanged, but there may be new fields in the response code.

You can make adjustment based on your business.

  • Domain List
  • Domain.Info
  • Domain.Log

The following APIs will no longer be supported.

Due to business logic upgrade, the features related to domain verification are no longer applicable.

  • Domain.Acquirevalidate
  • Domain.Acquiresend
  • Domain.Acquire
Last updated on 2022-04-20 09:23

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