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DNS Overview

After you register a domain name, you only own the right to use it, but you cannot access your website directly through it or use it as an email suffix for emailing. Domain name system (DNS) resolution is a required step before you can use your domain. We usually remember domain names, but machines can only recognize IP addresses. A domain name corresponds to an IP address, and the conversion process between them is called DNS resolution, which is an automated process that can only be executed by particular DNS servers. Essentially, DNS means to convert a domain name (such as www.dnspod.com) into an IP address (such as that can be read by machines.

DNSPod Overview

DNSPod is a leading DNS service provider with a decade of experience in DNS resolution services.

Free DNS Plan

The Free DNS plan supports adding domains in the DNSPod console and setting up DNS records such as A and CNAME. It also supports adding subdomains to point to public IPs of Tencent Cloud services.

Paid DNS Plan

Different annually subscribed plans (for single domains) are available for small, medium, and large organizational users, where features of subdomain level, round-robin DNS A records, and DNS attack protection have been enhanced. For more information, please see Pricing Overview.

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