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DNS Node Distribution

DNSPod is a world-leading DNS resolution platform with 65 cluster nodes in Chinese mainland and 12 cluster nodes outside Chinese mainland. Each machine is able to process up to 10 million DNS requests per second. We provide DNS service for over 6.5 million domains, process more than 21 billion DNS requests every day, and successfully prevent over 2,000 DNS attacks every month.

Multiple nodes in each cluster provide users with nearby access for DNS requests and implement complete remote disaster recovery mechanism. Meanwhile, DNS resolutions can be synchronized within clusters in seconds. When a record is modified on the web, it will be immediately (1 to 5 seconds) synchronized to all backend DNS clusters and take effect in seconds at DNSPod. (Recursive DNS is controlled by TTL configuration. Therefore, the actual effective time for end users depends on the TTL value configured in the DNS record.)

Clusters and DNS addresses vary depending on the DNS plan.

DNS Plan DNS Address
Free a.dnspod.com/b.dnspod.com/c.dnspod.com
Professional pro01.dnspod.com/pro02.dnspod.com
Enterprise ent01.dnspod.com/ent02.dnspod.com
Ultimate ult01.dnspod.com/ult02.dnspod.com
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