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Bulk Record Adding


The bulk record adding feature provided by DNSPod enables you to add multiple records at a time.


  1. Log in to the DNSPod console.
  2. On the left sidebar, select DNS > Bulk Management to enter the bulk management page.


Adding domains

  1. On the Add Domain page, select the Add Records tab as shown below:

  1. Enter a keyword for the domain for which you need to bulk add records in the Search for Domains text box as shown below:

Recently added domains may not be included in the search scope. If it is not found in the results, please retry later.

  1. Select the domain for which you need to bulk add records and enter information on each record in the Add Records module as shown below:

For more information on how to configure a record, please see Settings of Various Record Types.

  1. Click Bulk Add.

  2. On the operation confirmation page, check whether the information is correct, and if so, click Bulk Add; otherwise, click Return to Modify to make changes.

Viewing operation logs

On the Bulk Management page, select the Operation Logs tab and click the task name to view the operation result as shown below:

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