Is there a limit on the number of domains for DNSPod to resolve?


How do I resolve a domain transferred from another account?

Log in to the DNSPod console, select DNS > My Domains, click Add Domain, and then resolve it. If you are prompted to reclaim the domain, follow the prompts to reclaim it.

How do I view DNS records?

Log in to the DNSPod console and select Operation Logs to view the DNS records on which you have performed operations.

Does DNSPod support dynamic DNS?

Yes. Dynamic DNS involves API calls.

How do I upgrade a purchased DNS plan to a higher plan?

On the DNS plan management page, click Upgrade Plan, select the plan you want to upgrade to, and then pay the price difference.

Why do I get a prompt that states "The number of round-robin DNS records has exceeded the limit"?

The number of round-robin DNS records that can be configured varies by plan:

Plan Number of Records
Free 2
Individual Professional 3
Enterprise Startup 10
Enterprise Standard 25
Enterprise Ultimate 50

The numbers listed above are applicable to A records only. Round-robin DNS CNAME records need to be purchased separately.

Why is my domain in violation of the DNSPod terms of service?

DNSPod adopts strict review criteria for website content as it uses APIs offered by Tencent Security Center.
If you cannot add your domain, this may be because that it has been rejected by Tencent Security Center due to content violations.

  1. If the content of your website is compliant, we recommend you try adding your domain again later on Friday. The DNSPod team manually submits domains that cannot be added to Tencent Security Center every Friday.
  2. If your website cannot be opened, we recommend you resolve your domain at your registrar. If the content of your website is compliant, but you still cannot add your domain at DNSPod, please submit a ticket for assistance.

The DNS service of DNSPod is not intended for websites that engage in illegal activities, such as pornography, gambling, viruses, trojans, reactionary information, cheaters, private servers, and similar websites that provide any services (such as payment and SEO) for private servers.

Does DNSPod offer protection against attacks?

DNSPod offers protection against DDoS attacks only. Different plans offer different maximum protection capabilities.

My hosting service provider notified me that my domain was attacked (by CC attacks). Can DNSPod protect my domain from attacks?

No. Only host servers can offer protection against CC attacks. We recommend you purchase a hosting service that offers strong protection.

Can DNSPod DNS hide IP addresses?

No, as DNS maps domains to IP addresses.

Does DNSPod provide domain name registration or hosting services?

No. Currently, DNSPod offers DNS service only, but you can purchase domain registration and hosting services from Tencent Cloud.

Does DNSPod support domain 301 redirect?

Yes. DNSPod's URL is 301 redirect.

Is there a limit on the number of domains under a DNSPod account? Is there a limit on the number of subdomains of a domain?


Is an ICP filing required for a .cn domain to be resolved by DNSPod?

For Chinese policy reasons, an ICP filing is required for a .cn domain to be resolved.
We recommend you get an ICP filing first and then contact your domain registrar to enable DNS. You can use DNSPod to resolve your domain only after it is unlocked.

What should I do if I want the URL of my website to be accompanied by a check mark rather than a question mark when displayed in the QQ chat window?

We recommend you consult the customer service of Tencent Security Center about how to get a green certification icon for your website.

Last updated on 2022-04-21 03:13

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