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Get the Version of API

1. API Description

This API (Info.Version) is used to get the version number of the API.
Domain name for API request: https://api.dnspod.com/Info.Version
HTTP request method: POST

2. Input Parameters

Request parameters: common parameters

3. Output Parameters

Response codes: common return codes. For details, please see Common Return Codes.

4. Sample


curl -X POST https://api.dnspod.com/Info.Version -d 'login_token=730060,e1a8a$f14dc5dcbafd83680b3d2a553c4d553d&format=json'

The following is a sample response:

    "status": {
        "code": "1",
        "message": "4.6",
        "created_at": "2014-06-04 20:40:37"
Last updated on 2022-03-11 02:01

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