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Get the Email Address Needed to Get Domain Back

1. API Description

This API (Domain.Acquire) is used to get the email address needed to get domain back.
Domain name for API request:https://api.dnspod.com/Domain.Acquirek
HTTP request method: POST

2. Request Parameters

The table below lists only the API request parameters. Common request parameters are required when the API is called. For more information, please see Common Request Parameters.

Parameter Required Description
domain yes The domain you want to get back.

3. Response Codes

Only the response codes related to this API are listed below. For other response codes, please see Common Return Codes.

Response Code Description
6 Invalid domain.
7 No Chinese character allowed in the domain.
8 Invalid domain.
9 Domains that end with ”.tk” are not supported.No offense.
10 Domain not exists.
11 Domain got prohibited.
12 Domain got locked.
13 You can’t get a domain back from a company account to a personal account.
14 You can’t get a domain back from a personal account to a company account.
15 Fail to get email address.Maybe there’s something wrong with the network or the domain doesn’t support.

4. Sample

curl -X POST https://api.dnspod.com/Domain.Acquire -d 'login_token=730060,e1a8a$f14dc5dcbafd83680b3d2a553c4d553d&format=json&domain=api4.com'

The following is a sample response:

  • JSON:
    "status": {
        "code": "1",
        "message": "Action completed successful",
        "created_at": "2012-09-23 18:00:05"
    "emails": [
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